In a Galaxy far, far away

Growing up in my neighbourhood, being a total geeky nerd I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when every day at school I was  bullied to within an inch of my life, It still sucked though. Yet it all didn’t matter too much when there were books and films to come home to. One of my favourite stories to get lost in was Star Wars. It was the perfect escape. It showed me a world where one person could make a difference, and  an amazing adventure was waiting for you beyond the stars. I guess that’s also why I love Space and Sci-Fi to this very day.

Anyway before I get too deep into nostalgic free fall, let me show you the ridiculously good-looking Star Wars illustrations of Kaz Oomori. They are simply stunning! His work combines a classic 1950s Sci-Fi aesthetic with the stories we know and love making it almost impossible not to adore it!

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