Zinnias in Spaaaaaace!

If you’re an interstellar traveller spending a few years or even your whole lifetime in space hurtling from place to place, creating a garden or a forest on your space-vehicle is the perfect way for a carbon-based life form to cover off the food/ oxygen component of their daily requirements. Likewise if human beings are hoping to colonise Mars, the Moon or any other planets in the near-ish future then we will need to learn how to terraform that sh*t. We can’t rely on finding other Earth-like planets that suit our specific needs. Also these Earth-possible planets seem to exist outside our Galatical neighbourhood – start local I say.

NASA has been working along these lines for, well forever now, and recently they announced they their very own garden of Zinnias has finally bloomed after nearly succumbing to human error rather than anything space related. This is exciting for so many reasons aside from the fact that it’s just cool! It means we can grow muthaflipping plants in space! Astronaut Scott Kelly posted these neat pics of the new flower-babies on his Twitter.


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