They might be giants

As human beings we have a tendency to find wild variances in size fascinating, from the teeny tiny to our encounters with anything giant. From Gulliver’s adventures in the land of Lilliput to the cave trolls in Lord of the Rings, Blue Whales to elephants, giant food to giant sculpture we are captivated and humbled by size. Polish painters Betz and Sainer are masters of the giant canvas, painting buildings several stories high with works of wonder that take you deep inside their unique view of the world. A view much greater than the sum of its components – but my what pieces of the puzzle they are! Betz and Sainer are both amazing artists in their own right, and their individual portfolios are every bit as impressive as their collaborations when they come together to paint as the Etam Cru. Etam Cru’s street art pieces, by their very scale, can’t help but put you in your place but unlike a trip to the Total Perspective Vortex you can walk away feeling all the richer for seeing this reality rather than having your mind turned to crumbs like a small wafer.

Etam Cru



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