Under the sea

The ocean represents many things for different people. Freedom, peace, exploration, and also unfortunately exploitation and wanton destruction, but it is also an endless source of inspiration. Beneath the rolling waves there live literally hundreds of thousands of creatures. Some live near the sun and drink in the warmth it brings, while others live in the dark of the deep far from the light of day. They are by turns frightening and fantastical, but above all else they are unique and wonderous, just like the work of R. S. Connett.

I’ve been following Connett on Instagram for such a long time now and I am always delighted when a new work from him appears in the feed. His use of colour is bold and almost fluorescent at times, much like the creatures he paints, but he also captures the contrast of the dark places where some of these animals might live. Each piece is filled to the salty brim with beautiful detail, ensuring you’ll spend time with each work, taking it all in.


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