In another world

It’s Monday, and I know what you’re thinking, why oh why did I sleep in on Sunday and mess up my sleeping pattern so I had to stay awake until 2am just to balance it out! Well snap out of it! We’ve got something special that will put the grease in your mind cogs and get the old Jimmy Rain (that’s rhyming slang for your brain that I just made up) up and running again. Just lay your peepers on the work of Chris Skinner. His movie posters are just brilliant. My favourites are the Star Wars inspired beauties of course, but the Total Recall, 2001, Dark City and Labyrinth ones are also on the top of my ‘I want this’ list. The detail in each poster is just stunning, and the closer you look the more surprises you’ll see.

When he’s not illustrating move poster gems, Chris can be found immersed in the world of design and animation, oh and did I even mention the Doctor Who game concept he created? No! Is there anything this man cannot do? Check our Chris’ website for more goodness in action.

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