Modern Fantasy

When I first saw the work of Roberto Ferri I was blown away by the gorgeous style of his work, which is deeply inspired by the by Baroque painters, such as one of my favourites, Caravaggio. I simply could not believe that artists were still painting in this beautiful style. It is definitely not something you see every day, but this only serves to make Roberto’s work seem all the more special for it, as he breathes new life into the past glories of the Italian Masters with his own interpretation of the divine.

Hailing from Taranto, Italy, Roberto is an amazing talent, bringing the gritty realism and romanticism of the old world into the 21st Century with love and passion.  His work is dark, confronting and definitely not for the faint of heart. If you prefer to stay on the cotton-candy side of life and recoil from delving into the abyss where human nature and mythology meet, then turn back now dear friends as I fear we may lose you on this amazing journey – or perhaps the loss will more be yours.

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