It’s not every day that I discover something new on the Internets that blows me away, and makes me dive right in wallet in hand, but NeonMob ticked all the right boxes. Not only is it a cool place to discover new artists but it sucks you in hook, line and sinker – especially if you consider yourself to be a bit of a collector of things.

NeonMob is a place to collect digital art sets, and just like trading cards you’ll want to get all the ones in each set (I still have all my Tim Burton era Batman cards and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, oh and do you remember Garbage Pail kids? Well….). When you sign up you’ll be given some free packs to start off your collection, and then you can purchased credits to get more packs (= more art!). The credits are not expensive either, so you can literally go nuts. Plus you can trade with other NeonMobbers to complete your set, which is handy because as with any trading card packs you will end up with some doubles from time to time. Just like regular trading cards there are also common cards and rare cards, making it feel even more like a race to collect the whole set.

So how do you get started? Well if you’re on the artistic side and want to sell your own collectible art series, or you’re a loveable collector who can’t stop unless you have the whole set of something the easiest path is to visit the website and sign up. We had started off three collections in a matter of minutes, and let me tell you it’s immediately addictive.

At time of writing Neonmob boasts over 5 Million digital collectibles, with members hailing from over 142 countries.


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