How to train your Octopus, and other stories

The work of Brian Kesinger combines many things I love. Steampunk, adorable 8 legged sea creatures, gorgeous girls, and nerdy pop-culture references, and given that my pirate character Miss Blimey has an octopeeded friend of her very own … well I could not possibly go past Brian’s Otto and Victoria series without going ‘ahhhh!’ – it is wondrously good! Otto is an adorable (if somewhat naughty) Octopus, who seems more akin to a kitty than a cephalopod (though call me crazy, but I have always pictured Octopi as being rather cat like in their behaviour). He is adopted by Victoria, whose adventures we follow as she tries to train, bath, and walk Otto. It’s just so sweet!

Brian has a background in illustration and animation and works as a story artist at the Walt Disney animation studios. In his personal work it’s easy to see the inspiration he draws from the steampunk world with its Victorian influenced clothing and clockwork contraptions, as evidenced in his steampunk Star Wars and Tea Girl illustrations.


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