Lost and found

I love books, the smell of the paper, the fold of the cover, the preservation of the spine, the dog ears – these are all things you just don’t get from eBooks – and so book shops are my equivalent of going to church. I worship at the printed shrine, and I tend to binge buy. It was on one such recent binge-worthy trip that I picked up a copy of Shada, a lost Doctor Who adventure, written by Douglas Adams in script form and then with the help of Gareth Roberts turned into a novel.

Now I must admit, I was a little anxious before I even turned the first page that anyone would dare cross pens with Douglas Adams, but Gareth Roberts has done an outstanding job and it reads just as though Mr Adams had written it himself. There was also the bonus of being able to read it in the voice of the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. I truly wasn’t able to put this book down, and every day as I was reading it, I pushed the limits of my speed reading (or lack thereof) to squeeze in a few extra pages on the train without missing my stop. Highly recommend to fans of Douglas Adams or Doctor Who.

I give it 5 Whoots!


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