A tale to tell

Yes, it’s Monday, time to dust off the old brain box and get stuck into another week, and I couldn’t think of a better start to the day than spending some time flicking through the folio of illustrator Penko Gelev. The series below, entitled Three Brothers and the Golden Apple, grabbed my eye immediately. It combines so many things we love – a little dash of the Lord of the Rings, a hint of Star Wars, perhaps a dash of Puff the Magic Dragon, mix in some steampunk and a dab of Doctor Who I could venture and what is created is a wonderful world where a mechanical dragon wanders through an industrial landscape while mere humans battle over the mythical golden apple. Well I assume, as unfortunately I could not find out what story the illustrations told and so we let our own imaginations run wild to fill in the marvellous blanks. I mean after all that is what good illustrative story telling should do!

Born in Bulgaria, Penko went to school in Sofia, a city in which he still resides today. A prolific creative, he has written and produced three feature films, and three educational shows, illustrated 22 comics, and more recently illustrated the children’s book Fairy-Tale about the Magic Flute.




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