Infinitely pleasurable

I was honoured to first meet the amazing artist TwoOne all the way back in 2008, when he was just about to exhibit his famous 1000 Cans. He had spent numerous years individually painting these 1000 spray paint cans and I was impressed not only by his patience and dedication, but also by the detail put into each piece – he is also a super nice guy! I ended up with two amazing pieces from the show, which take pride of place in my personal collection of painted and illustrated goodness.

Over the years I have watched his beautiful, gentle, fluid style evolve into something that is fantastically unique. The early earthen tones of his earlier pieces have tempered, giving way to softer shades, and as he has aged and changed as a person so has his work been distilled and transformed into something as intense as it is spiritual.

For me personally, viewing the art of TwoOne is akin to the experience you get from sipping a fine single malt whisky on a chilly evening by the fire. Something infinitely pleasurable, that you will want to do often, and in subtle ways it changes you forever. I hope you like it too!

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