Mad Max Fury Road

So yesterday I saw Mad Max Fury Road at the cinema and can I get a hell yeah for this film! I am a huge fan of action movies, fast cars, mindless violence, apocalypses, girls kicking arse and heavily modified cars. Oh and stunts – I mean real stunts, not the CGI variety. Now I’m not going to offer any spoilers here, River Song would kill me, but this damn movie has all these things I love! It’s poetry in motion, violent grimy poetry. And yes, it also upset the memenists (that’s my new name for the over the top men’s rights groups who were ‘deeply offended’ by this movie), which to be honest only makes the movie more awesome, because you know when you have pissed off that bunch of lavatory bowels (which includes that Class-A wanker who promotes ‘tricking’ women into sleeping with you by physically menacing them, I mean for fard’s sake what a douche bag!) that you’re doing something right! Let’s hope that this means we’ll be seeing more kick-arse female leads, like Imperator Furiosa, hitting our screens soon.

Anyway somehow I have gone completely off topic about what I was going to show you today, which is some of the amazing cars that feature in Mad Max Fury Road. I mean check out these sweet rides! Gnarled up hot-rods, packed with all sorts of menacing hardware and supercharged goodness. I want them all! There is even, dare I say it, a nod to The Cars That Ate Paris (a vintage Australian cinematic gem) with a super spikey style. Go see this bastard on the big screen before it’s all over!

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