Ink stained goddess

Ink stained goddess

I’m not above raiding someone’s Instagram account for inspiration, and today I found myself travelling through the delightful and delicious work of ink goddess Teniele Sadd. I could simply get lost for hours wandering through photos of her latest tattoos, not to mention she has a super cute kitty kat!

Teniele is one of my all-time favourite tattoo artists. She simply does amazing things with needles and ink, turning ordinary, humble human skin into something you could quite happily peel off, frame and hang in a gallery – and though some people might think this is a bit weird, once you see her work you will totally get what I am saying! However if this is a step to far for you, and let’s face it for most people I’m betting you don’t want to go that far to get amazing art on your walls, then you’ll be heartened to know that not only is Teniele a brilliant tattooist, but she is also an accomplished artist in her own right and her paintings and illustrations are just as luscious as her tattoos.

Teniele holds fort at Korpus Tattoo in Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia), and also has prints of her paintings available through her online store.

Follow Teniele on Instagram @teniele
Visit her shop
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Korpus Tattoo

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