Something fishy going on

‘I don’t know how I got here, but I like what I see,’ I thought to myself as I gazed at a naked Arthur Darvill holding a strategically placed monkfish. Then I looked a little further and discovered that behind the portrait was a really cool concept. Now while I myself am vegetarian, I do understand that not all of you living on this wonderful planet of ours follow my path, and I accept that, but one thing that we all need to be acutely aware of is the impact that our appetites have on our fragile planet’s ecosystem. The Earth has taken millions of years to get to its current incarnation but in the last few centuries humans have been working, very diligently it seems, to undo all of this hard work to satiate a lust and greed for resources that is beyond compare.

And one of the biggest issues we as a population have to face up to is our reckless attitude towards our scaly friends in the sea. We are overfishing the waters of this planet at an alarming rate, which is having a drastic flow on affect not only for marine ecosystems, but also the humans who rely on the ocean’s to survive. Fisherman who have for years gone out in small boats to support their families are competing with mega trawlers who suck the life – literally – out of the ocean and onto their decks with little regard for what they have caught – be it turtle or trout.  These trawlers are run by huge companies whose only aim is short term profits. They don’t care for you, me, the sea, or the poor fisherman struggling to feed his family.

As a reaction to this carelessness, in 2009 Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of MOSHIMO (a brighton based Japanese restaurant) and actress Greta Scacchi created Fishlove because they wanted to raise awareness of such unsustainable fishing practices, and the danger that this represents for our planet’s marine ecosystems. As part of their campaign they began creating a series of amazing imagery featuring some peeps from our TV and movie screens, comedians and other well-known types (I refuse to use the word ‘celebrity’ because it has about as much cache as cat litter) holding a –  to put it delicately – dead fish. The images have also employed the wondrous skills of some of the world’s most sought after photographers – Rankin, Alan Gelati, Denis Rouvre and John Swannell.

Check it out and become a sponsor if you can – or buy a poster.

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