May the Fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day!

And do I ever have a treat for you today – straight from the imagination of Bjorn Hurri. Imagine a different Galaxy. Far, far away, but set in a more analogue, almost Victorian era, run on the power of cogs and steam. The good guys are still the good guys, their robots perhaps a bit less shiny, and the Wookies appear slightly more sasquatch-esque …  but they are all part of the rebel alliance, traitors in the eyes of the Emperor, and still fighting the evil Empire, avoiding the dark side of the Force and working to bring down the Death Star!

Originally hailing from Sweden but now living in London, Bjorn is a concept artist with relentless dedication. His folio is a regular Pandora’s box of digital and traditional art, and his talent’s span the mediums taking in everything from character to prop design, fan art, game concepts and everything in between.

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