Through the looking glass

I think if you have a love of sci-fi then having an affinity with dystopian views of the future are par for the course. If you take a moment to look around at the crumbling yellow-brick road that our society seems to be skipping down delightfully, with no thoughts for the broken oblivion our children will have to face, then it almost seems inevitable that one day we’ll be living in a decaying hellish nightmare of scarce resources and abundant regrets. But hey I could be wrong right?

Regardless of the polluted paradise we seem to be on course with, there is still a disturbing beauty to be found in these apocalyptic possibilities, which is something that the artist Ma Jie seems to capture so gracefully in his environmental concepts and digital matte paintings. He offers us a striking, if not somewhat melancholy, view of the kind of decaying mirror world we may expect to encounter in the not too distant future.

Books and libraries also feature prominently in Ma’s work, which is in itself a wonderful oxymoron. That human kind for all its shiny achievements cannot be rescued from wasting away, even by a wealth of printed knowledge that lies in piles of lost comprehension, softly decomposing, or are perhaps studied by tiny scholars who cannot fathom their meaning. 

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