Sunken Treasure

Down in the deep just beyond the reach of the sun lies a series of stone figures, who over time have silently become almost unrecognizable compared to what they once were. Over a period of years these amazing sculptures have transformed into a wonderful new home for coral, anemones, fish, starfish, and a myriad of other sea creatures. As the sea life, salt, bacteria, algae alter these beautiful underwater sculptures they meld with the natural ocean ecosystem, changing from clean stone figures into eerie stone monsters, gorgeously grotesque

Created by talented sculptor, diver and underwater photographer Jason deCaires Taylor, who was moved to create these underwater museums and  bring these works to the sea after witnessing the damage tourists and other industries were having on the fragile ecosystems. His works have now been instrumental in bringing the plight of these ecosystems to the attention of the world. His most ambitious work to date – the Silent Evolution (2012) – even forms an artificial reef in Mexico.

Jason is now working on a new underwater museum for the Atlantic Ocean, and I am sure it will be truly amazing. I can’t wait to see how it transforms over time.

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