Shades of grey

Today we’re digging the absolutely ridiculously good looking work of illustrator T.S Abe. Based in the the UK, T.S was born in Brixton in 1989 with a love of pencil illustration not far away. From album covers to exhibition walls, to the side of a London bus, her beautiful illustrations have appeared in many places, with T.S’s bio advising she has exhibited at The Electric Blue Gallery, as well as being commissioned by Leo Burnett and featured in Dazed & Confused. Looking at her work it is in the detail and sheer photographic reality that her boundless talent lies, from Vivienne Westwood to our favourite, Christopher Walken, nothing escapes her, the pencil being mightier than the sword.

Kanya illustration

Christopher Walken

Vivienne Westwood

girl with squid

UK warrior

bearded man

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