Love a little bit of Payne

Monday afternoon, and today I’m another year older – yessireeeebob – which is why I can remember these Saturday Night Live miscreants so lovingly recreated in line-up style by Casey Payne, which were on show in a recent exhibition. “I decided to draw portraits of Saturday Night Live cast members, from season one – two, ’75-’77, as mugshots,” Case told us. “Then I masked off a section on each one and used watercolour so they were clearly in like ‘county jail’ jumpsuits. When I put them up them I got some vinyl cut, and applied it to the wall to simulate a police identification lineup. The drawings were just pinned up straight onto the lines.” Too easy and with a very cool result. We’ve even got an interview with the talented Mr Payne in Issue 2 of NtN – out 6 December!

chevy chase
Chevy Chase
john belushi
John Belushi
Bill Murray
Bill Murray
the lineup
The line-up

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