The man with the blue velvet suit

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the absolutely smashin’ comedian slash lounge singer, Oliver Clark, perform at the Order of Melbourne. 10 minutes into the show, and I was silently thinking of kicking everyone I knew who wasn’t there up the bottom for missing out on the balls out (not literally, though almost) hilarious comedy stylings of the man. With a touch of super galactic speed racin’ razzle dazzle, Oliver delivered a set with one of the most expressive faces, and cases of cheesy eyebrows I have ever seen. So who is Oliver Clark? Well, if Tom Jones and Bill Hicks were ever to conceive a love child that was delivered by Elvis Presley – then Oliver would be that child. What’s the midwife got to do with it? Well, to quote Oliver “it’s all in the delivery” – cue dad joke guffaws – ba boom tish. Comedy aside, you simply have to hear this man wail – his new album is called Warming up the Pipes, and can we tell you this man has got a set! I’ve also never seen a man do to a lovely Maton guitar what Oliver did – but I don’t want to spoil the show if you haven’t seen him yet so I won’t tell you what he did…

Look out for an interview with Oliver Clark in Issue 2 of Nothing to Nobody, but in the mean time catch him at a show, or buy his album – or do both! Well worth the price of admission.

oliver clark

oliver clark

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  1. I also had the enormous pleasure of seeing Oliver Clark at the Order of Melbourne for his premier show of “Warming up the Pipes”. And, my word, what pipes he has indeed! Move over Boobs, Harrk Connick Jnr and another wanna be crooners – Oliver is the man – and he writes all his own material!. He is very funny, obviously feels comfortable with his audience and displays an ability with the guitar that few people have. Get his latest album – “Warming up the Pipes”, and do whatever you can to catch his show – perhaps some of you promoters out there could get off your comfortable posteriors and go out of your way to see someone with original TALENT, and not just the mainstream crap that is everywhere. I believe you will need to be quick though as the rumour is that Oliver is going to move to NY NY in the New Year.


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