Holy teeny tiny model dinosaur Batman! Now this is just one of the coolest things I have ever seen! When I was a kid I was osessed with dinosaurs, with Stegasauraus and Brontosaurus being my favourites. I also used to love to assembling those wooden dinosaur models, and I did end up with quite a few. You know the ones, their laser cut and all the pieces slot together? Anyway, I was thinking about these models today after reading a cool article about how Dark Matter may have been what killed the dinosaurs, which led to my discovery of this company called Everything Tiny who create teeny weeny laser cut paper models of dinosaurs, which you can put together yourself.

They come inside a matchbook and you pop out the pieces and put them together. It’s not just dinosaurs though, and you can build a tiny human skeleton. Then if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also order different skeleton heads for it!

When completed they are only an inch tall – now that is crazy small. You can buy the models separately, or in a kit that comes with a glass dome to display your cool new model in.


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