Making a splash

It takes a certain kind of genius to look at the way water balloons burst and the pattern the water makes and think – well how would that look as hair?

That certain kind of genius is Tim Tadder, a tall and fairly hairy man by his own account (at a sasquatch-like height of 6’ 7” – beard inclusive), photographer and resident of Southern California.

Tim’s Water Wigs series is not only cool (see what I did there – water=cold=cool) and playful but also just a little bit rad. It captures the splash-tastic moment when the water balloons hit their subjects, as well as the‘holy crap that’s cold!’ face that most of them must be experiencing (well I assume they are filled with cold water – after all warm water balloons would be a bit weird). What is even more amazing is that most of his models manage to keep a straight face, and even manage to compose their features so that they are fashion-mag ready.

Aside from creating luscious water wigs for both men and women, Tim’s folio is a cavalcade of goodness that is some sweet candy for your eyeballs. You could spend hours traipsing through the thing – get to it!

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