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The problem with Ant Lucia’s website is that I love everything on it and I want to buy all the prints!! I discovered Ant’s work quite by accident on Pinterest, but my goodness thank the stars! Talk about an amazing collection of work. Ant has worked in illustration for over 12 years and his cheesecake pin-ups of pop-culture heroines is just my cup of tea – especially his Star Warspropaganda posters. Holy Millennium Falcon, are they good! If only I had the wall space … and the budget. Damn my funds-lacking hide!

Ant wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his influences, and says that it was under the intoxicating spell of his favourite comic book characters that he was inspired to become an illustrator himself. Ant uses Adobe Illustrator to create his artwork, with the advantage that working digitally allows him the flexibility of applying his illustrations to just about anything he chooses.

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