Today I woke up feeling like I just wanted to look at foxes all day. I love these furry little guys. They’re like a cool kind of dog-cat hybrid and if you check out some of the videos online for The Fox Project (a UK based fox rescue non-profit) then you can also see how incredibly affectionate they are. Now I know that living here in Australia foxes are considered a pest as they wreak all sorts of havoc on farms, wildlife and such but human beings introduced them here so really it’s our fault… anyway, before I go off on a fox inspired rant I would like to introduce you to the work of Amanda Mullins. Specifically to the illustrations she created for the children’s book, The Fox Child. I mean how delightful are these little foxy gems!?

Amanda’s illustration and animation work is whimsical and wonderful. Currently she’s a full-time artist for 1st Playable Productions in Troy, New York (USA) but when she’s not hard at work for those guys she might be found doing some freelance stuff or trying to play the Cello of all things (which is really pretty neat!). Before landing in New York however Amanda grew up in Florida, and then traversed Europe for a bit studying in France and working in Germany at Daedalic Entertainment. I couldn’t seem to find if The Fox Child had actually been printed, but on her website you can check out some of her lovely animation work.

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