Where for art thou?

I have long had love of the histories of the Royal Families of the World. French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Irish, Scottish and of course the English. Their lives were fascinating, disturbing, difficult and decadent. I also love the fashion, as impossible as it was impractical, it was also fantastic and wonderful. Yards of satin, silk, rich light wools and twills, with pearls, diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones sewn into the fabric. Oh to live in Medieval times, though given I’m a girl it probably wouldn’t be too much fun. I also imagine I would be burnt at the stake as a heretic.

The paintings of Julianna Menna capture this Medieval World, combining the Baroque with the grotesque in the most divine way. Capturing the benign lives of the aristocracy her skeletal princes pose in all their finery, imposing and self-assured. You can almost imagine them at court, waiting to be noticed by the King or Queen or taking in the evening’s entertainment as jesters tumble and gossips chatter.


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