Who’s the Bosozoku

Japan is know for being a little wild around the edges, whether it’s their weird anime or the Shinjuku district, or their obsession with insane car modifications – such as the Bosozoku style. Bosozoku basically translates to ‘violent running gang’ and is often used to describe Japanese motorcycle gangs, however it also describes an incredible custom car culture. One of my favourite aspects of Bosozoku is the tendency to take (what would now be called vintage) cars from the 1970’s and 80’s era and body-kit them to the almost ridiculous. It’s not only fascinating, but incredibly ingenious and wonderfully creative. I love the 1970’s Celica customs. Oh and if you are wondering how the heck some of these babies drive, I’ve included a video so you can see for yourself.

Bosozoku style can be further refined into several different other styles, each with it’s own unique identity.

Shakotan – this means ‘low car’ and is used to describe extremely low street cars, such as the ones with the big front lip and big exhausts.

Yanky Style –  Based on the Shakotan Style, the Yanky Style includes the addition of wide fenders to the cars, but usually the more conservative style Bosozoku cars are called Yanky Style.

VIP Style – Also similar to Shakotan Style, VIP Style describes modified luxury cars (such as Lamborghini) that have been stacked with as many novelty features as possible. They also often have ride on rims!

Kyusha style – These are my personal favourite, and refers to the old classic Japanese cars that have been modified.

Grachan – This style comes from the 1970s and 80s Grand Championships on Fuji Speedway.

If you want to learn more about this amazing style check out http://www.bosozokustyle.com 

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