Monster mash

It’s Friday, time to sweep away the work week blues, get on your dancin’ shoes and get down and dirty with some good old fashioned lowbrow art from Mike Bell. There are just so many good things about his work it’s hard to know where to begin! Frankenstein’s monsters, Elvira, Vampy Marilyn, the Munsters, and the Bride of Frankenstein (or should that be Bride of the Monster? Ahhh semantics, we love/ hate ya) in all her amazing pin-up glory!

A Jersey Shore boy, born and raised, and influenced by all our fav’s from Big Daddy Roth to MAD, vintage toys, vintage TV, vintage horror – just plain old school goodness – Mike crosses the hazy heat wavy line between fine art and comic to give us work that is just an outright pleasure to view! Oh and if you head to his website, we dare you not to find yourself chair dancin’ or hip swayin’. That’s all we’ll say for now… spoilers!

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