Wouldn’t it be good

Alright stop, collaborate and listen! The year is nearly over and so we thought what better way to celebrate the festive season than looking back at some of our favourite film clips of all time. Forget your Lady Gaga, and all those other opaque impostors – we’re getting back to a time when people thought auto-tune was a robot mechanic. We’re pretty sure we’ve picked something for everyone, but we’ve only got 9 so far and would really like to this to be a top 10, so we’re looking to you out there in reader land to give us your favourite clips – Try to keep them pre-2000 please! Then we’ll pick one for our top 10. Rock on!

The Clash – The Call Up

Radiohead – Just

Blur – The Universal

Van Halen – Hot for Teacher

Nick Kershaw – Wouldn’t it be Good

Motorhead – Killed by Death

Cyndi Lauper – (Goonies are) Good Enough

Howard Jones – Things can only get better

Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

One thought

  1. Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls.
    Prong – Rude Awakening.
    Sid Vicious – My Way.
    Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket.
    PJ Harvey – Dress.
    Headless Chickens – Gaskrankinstation.
    Shihad – Home Again.
    Sticky filth – Weep Woman Weep.
    Beasts Of Bourbon – Mama.

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