Red Vs Blue

If you’re a fan of the Labyrinth, and those crazy fighting robots with the little people inside them, steering them about then we think you’ll be right into these very cool vinyl figures from the mind of Patricio Oliver. This Argentinian based creative brain has a few different vinyl figures series’ under his belt to date, but we just really dug these ones – especially the very cool origins stories behind them… read on!

Ruby Paladin
“The Ruby Paladins and their iron beasts were created in a unknown land from the Tenebrae, from the ashes of a dark alliance between alchemy and witchcraft. This fierce and menacing army was built upon request to conquer and destroy everything and everyone on its way.”

Ruby Paladin


Argent Paladin
“When the Ruby Paladins attacked the Tenebrae´s Ice cold land called Kailand, everything seemed hopeless. Until a covenant of mages and spell casters used their last resources to create magical copies of their Enemies. Now The Argent Paladins will do anything to protect and save the Tenebrae from this new iron menace.”

argent paladin

paladin mock up

argent paladin figure

ruby vs argent paladin

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