Firefluff Studio

Prepare to be cute slapped by the work of Lisa Evans. Its like eating a bunch of cotton candy and then realising that the cotton candy is made of shiny ice shards. They’re cool, and they cut just a little bit, but you’ll never forget it! Lisa’s work is beautiful, wistful, and also sometimes just a bit cheeky in a ‘oh my gosh the cute little monster did not just eat that kids face off’ kind of way. Working out of Firefluff studios, Lisa’s clients include the Tower of London, Mojo magazine, Harper Collins and Templar Publishing. Prints of Lisa’s lucious work are available online through Society 6.

Lisa Evans Less travelled

Lisa Evans Ulysses

Lisa Evans star belly

Lisa Evans at sea

Lisa Evans in the tree

Lisa Evans Nutcracker

Lisa Evans king bird

Lisa Evans winter birds

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