The Walking Dead

Now anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with Zombies. I’ve even just started writing a novel about a Zombie outbreak… but that’s a story for another time. What we have here though is a brand new TV series (not airing in Australia yet damn it, so you’ll have to stream it if you can – legally of course!) called The Walking Dead. Based on the comic books written by Robert Kirkmanand lovingly drawn by Tony Moore (for 6 issues – though he still drew the covers up to issue 24), and then Charlie Adlard from issue 7, The Walking Dead follows the survivors of a Zombie apocalypse as they try to find a new, relatively Zombie free home, and the horrors they face simply trying to get by along the way. The survivors are led by Rick Grimes, a police officer before the time of the Zombies, who is recovering in the hospital from a gunshot wound at the time of the outbreak. Trailer and images below so you can gorge your brains out… mmmmm brains…

the walking dead poster


walking dead poster

walking dead issue 42

death by tank


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