Isaac Bidwell – Man of many talents

Now the title of this article is a bit of an understatement it seems, and mister Isaac Bidwell has his fingers in more pies than we can poke a stick at. He’s started his own small publishing company, held exhibitions, created a clothing line and says he’ll soon be adding tattooing and airbrushing to his skills menagerie. Nice one. Born in Syracuse,New York, this child of the 80’s was temporarily lured away from the illustrative world by the Sirens of fast drinks and babes, but he advises this short-lived trip down debauchery lane ended when he discovered where his true happiness lay – yes – back with illustration! So today we’re saluting someone who refused to let the Gods of Beige (that be corporate peeps to those not in the know) set the course of his destiny. Isaac’s art is amazing as well, so apart from being a bit of an inspiration not to let the chips get you down it’s a double wham! Hit up his site or blog to find out more, or engage his talented services.

isaac bidwell zombies

isaac bidwell gorilla

isaac bidwell leopard dress

isaac bidwell ringleader

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