The tale of the dapper artist

I’ve often been accused of being drawn in by advertising. I buy wine for the label and you can pretty much sell me anything with an amazing idea. One could argue that a profile picture on social media is a lot like a wine label. It’s the hook that sucks people in, and whether they find the nectar of the gods or vinegar is often the luck of the draw. I must say I have been very fortunate in my social media ramblings to come across gold more often than lead. One such amazing find is the work of Erich J Moffitt, who’s dapper bio photo I could not pass by. OK, I thought, let’s go down the rabbit hole and see what this guys about. What I found was a wonderful collection of paintings and imagery that harkens back to times of old, combining myth and majesty. Every painting inspired a story, and I could easily imagine myself spending hours at the keyboard bringing these tales to life if they hadn’t already.

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