It’s not every day that one of your most talented friends publishes a book of their heart-stopping photography, but when that crazily talented person collaborates with another insanely good creative type… well then that’s a match made in fantastic!

I’ve known Nicole Reed for over 15 years now (where the frak does the time go!) and I’ve had the absolute privilege to watch her hone her craft until she has become one of the most brilliant photographers in … well I’m just gonna come right out and say it … the world!!

Recently Nicole joined forces with her music producer beau Leigh Ryan (AKA Plutonic Lab) to create the Fieldnotes book and record. A stunning hard-cover book that documents their time in Hong Kong. The book is not only a beautiful read but it comes with a wondrous surprise in the back, a gorgeous, red-vinyl record within whose grooves hides a delicious soundtrack to the images captured by Nicole. Leigh’s musical masterpiece was created with recordings he took of Hong Kong life – from relentless conversations to a traffic crescendo, and the general hub-bub of human life in full frontal fast forward.

You can purchase this divine paper project from Nicole’s website, but there’s only a few copies left from what I hear so do yourself a flavour and don’t miss out!

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