Drowning upwards

When you get a little older, and let’s face it a bit jaded and la-de-dah about the world, you really begin to appreciate it when you discover something that completely knocks your socks off with uniqueness – especially if that uniqueness combines sculpture, skulls, interactivity, electromagnets and a crazy gravity-defying substance called ferrofluid.

The work of Mesplé is show-stopping. It is fantastic. It combines a grotesque playfulness with technology and defies the rules. His work offers an experience quite unlike any other as you watch a skull drown in a vicious black liquid, which defies gravity as it slithers up the side of the bone structure and engulfs the piece – or watch as a skull inhales the same black liquid, which peaks and spikes in response to the giant electromagnet at the back of its head. To think I have only described two of his pieces!

Mesplé has had a long love affair with metals. From the age of 11 he has been a blacksmith, and then at age 14 he began working in a foundry.  Mesplé is currently working as an instructor of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Modeling at the Art Centre College of Design (Pasadena, USA).


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