Pen to paper

Drawing with biro is one of those things that I find myself doing from time to time, at which point I think – this is such a cool way to draw, why don’t I do it more? All too soon though I forget that feeling and the sorry old biro collection falls back into the maybe pile, along with my short-wave radio set and my Karate uniform. Mark Powell on the other hand takes biro illustration to a whole level beyond anything I could ever hope to muster. His work is simply drippingly gorgeous in its detail.

Sticking with trusty old black bic, Mark’s canvas of choice for his biro creations ranges from vintage envelopes and letters to maps and old newspapers (some dating back to 1756). Birds seem to be Mark’s main subjects, but wandering through his folio you’ll also find a wonderfully diverse range of feather and fur beasties coming under his inkish spell, including the human species. The latter envisioned mostly an array of craggly characters suffused with detail, their lined faces showing they’ve lived a little – just like the paper they are drawn to.
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