Fabulous distortion

Gosh is it that time of the week already? I never could get the hang of Thursdays! But today I have something special for you. Today I am cheering myself up with the art of J.A.W. Cooper. Her work is delightful, devilish, delicious – a fabulous distortion. Aquiline ladies in muted tones depicted both in strength and vulnerability. The animal nature of humankind is gracefully translated on her canvas, confronting and beautiful. There is no room for the squeamish, the conservative be damned!

J.A.W. was born in England but her childhood sounds like it had more of a traveling side show kind of vibe as her childhood was spent growing up across several countries. The more she travelled the more interested in illustration she became, with everything from aliens to the macabre grotesque influencing her emerging style. J.A.W now resides in downtown Los Angeles and works as freelance illustrator and sketch artist.


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