Day of the Doctor

Growing up, Doctor Who was a staple of my evening viewing, despite the nightmares some of the episodes would give me! Tom Baker was the quintessential Doctor for my generation (1976ers), but with the reload of Doctor Who in 2005 the series was back better than ever grabbing hold of the imaginations of a new audience with both hands and squishing their brain into a whole new groove of sic-fi awesome. Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith made me fall in love with Doctor Who all over again, and coming up is a very special event celebrating 50 years of TARDIS time and space travel. On the 23 November (UK time) the BBC will simulcast globally to 75 countries (Sunday morning 24 November for us here in Australia) a very special film – Day of The Doctor. Put it in you calendar or be exterminated!

Day of the Doctor

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