The Dark Knight returns

Last night as a treat my amazing partner booked us tickets to see Dark Knight Rises – the new Batman movie. I went in knowing that it would possibly be amazing as the other two Christopher Nolan Batman movies were, but I didn’t think I would be watching with my heart beating in my chest a hundred miles a minute for the whole film! Anne Hathaway is fantastic as Catwoman, and Nolan’s take on her character is a refreshing surprise. She’s still the strong don’t-mess-with-me woman she always has been – akin to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, but with more depth somehow. Christian Bale is now firmly in my mind the definitive Batman. Dark, disturbed, angry… but still deeply in love with his Gotham City. Do yourself a flavour and go see it on the big screen – it really won’t be the same on DVD. I promise.

dark knight rises

dark knight rises

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