Eat you up!

Talk about mouth watering goodness – we are practically drooling after coming across these amazing food-fashion creations – just check out that ball gown! Oh my gosh we just want to eat them all up! Oh yes, we are feeling this fresh style – from the bread ensemble to the waffle pants (our personal fav) these are simply some cool pieces. Created by amazing photographer Ted Sabarese, a saunter through his portfolio also revealed a passion for creating other clothing from non-convetionals – including office equipment – we’re not going to tell you too much more though, so you’ll just have to go and have a sneaky peek yourself…. oh all right – we’ll tease you with one picture – check out the stamp pants!

Ted Sabarese went on quite a career journey before finding his photographic feet – from college English teacher to graphic designer, fiction writer to advertising creative director, but he somehow always seemed to have a loaded camera on his shoulder – his own picture capturing pirate parrot. Ted advises that it was these experiences along with his years of studying photography at the New School in New York City which helped to cast his visual style today. Ya huh! Well, all we can says is, thank-gosh he finally took to that camera full time, because we are diggin’ it baby.

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