Goonies ‘R’ good enough

Every now and then – at least three times a year I reckon – I am reminded of how awesome the movie The Goonies actually was (still is). If you were a bit of a nerd or outcast as a pre-teen then this movie made you feel like it was everyone else that was a loser because they weren’t on the hunt for One-eyed Willie’s treasure/ pirate ship/ on an adventure. As an almost grown-up I often wonder if anyone working on the film ever really questioned why the script writers were always giggling in the corner ever time One-eyed Willie’s name was mentioned but then again I am eternally grateful no one noticed and gave the pirate a less humorous name like Captain Boredness or Captain Blandpants.

My Goonies ponderings then always lead me to start singing the theme song from the film, sung by the always amazing Cyndi Lauper. Now this was a lady who got away with some naughty lyrics in her songs. My sister once told me that the song ‘She Bop’ is about ‘taking care of oneself’ so to speak…. put your mind in the gutter for a second and you’ll catch my drift. If you still don’t get it then a good old maths-debate will make it a bit clearer. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter – its a good story. Enough ramble bamble though and back to work…

P.S Goonies never say die!

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