Wooden Toy issue 7!

Nothing to Nobody was lucky enough to spend some time at Wooden Toy‘s Melbourne H.Q yesterday in order to help Wooden Toy‘s main man Timba Smits get issue 7 ready for launch. Made with love and just a hint of obsession for perfection, Wooden Toy‘s latest edition is launching in Melbourne tonight at Magnation, and then Timba is flying up to Sydney for the launch at Magnation in Sydney. Only 5,000 copies of issue 7 are available so get yours before they all disappear like Houdini’s undies!


Timba hard at work.

Nicole Reed photography exhibition

Amazing photographer Nicole Reed is having her first solo show at the Seventh Circle Studios in Brisbane on the 6 October. That’s Wednesday next week y’all! Nicole’s super cool work has appeared in Tattoos Down Under magazine, T-World Journal, Wooden Toy magazine and that’s just a small slice of the action! You can check out more of Nicole’s work on her website so do yourself a flavour!