The good wood

I’m a sucker for laser etched wood. It’s like science fiction meets the wild west in a fit of awesome. Former Pro Skater Robert Lievanos laser etched wood pieces add the extra flavour of illustrational goodness to the mix, leaving us with the amazing pieces below. You can see more of his design love on his website. We recommend dropping by for a spell!

Wooden Girl brooch

There is nothing quite like the beauty of finely etched wood – it’s tactile, aromatic and kind of reminds us of all the good things we associate with summers spent under the shade of a tree… or winters by the fire place. These beautiful, limited edition brooches from Audrey Kawasaki capture all of this, and we can’t wait to order one of our very own. These little wooden treasures go on sale on Saturday 17 July and we’re pretty certain will sell out faster than a professional marshmallow toaster can heat soft-sugary-goo.
RRP $45.00 USD