Friday Art goodness!

Happy Friday ladies and gentlebeans, and if you are in Melbourne there is literally an avalanche of art goodness on offer! Just check out the Friday night line-up below – how will you make it to all of them? Well that’s why Doctor Emmett Brown invented a time machine! May the force be with you!

Seven Samurai by Twoone
New works from the amazingly talented Twoone
14 September from 6pm at the Backwoods gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwood, Melbourne


A collection of works from the amazing Bec Winnel
14 – 30 September at the Just Another Project Space, 153 Gerville St, Prahran, Melbourne

bec winnel

Matthew Dunn Vs Kaitlin Beckett
See these two extraordinary artists take each other on!
14 September from 6pm at the ArtBoy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran, Melbourne
Show runs until 21 September.

Nothing to Nobody issue 7!

That’s right fiends and gentlebeans! Issue 7 of Nothing to Nobody is nearly here and will be available early January 2012. This issue is packed to the gazungas with awesome! Meggs, Makatron, JC Rivera, Martin Wittfooth, Twoone, Steve Cross, Aida Sabic, Emma Geary aka Anarkitty, Carisa Swenson – and loads more. Subscribe now to get issue 7 delivered to your email auto-ma-matically!

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

Nothing to Nobody Issue 7

The Advent Project

It’s about this time of year that we start to feel either a little kinder towards each other or more frustrated when we go shopping. It’s a double edge sword. However the lovely folks over at Square Circle Triangle have decided to err on the side of doing some giving back and have just launched The Advent Project to raise money for the Reach Foundation. 12 amazing Melbourne artists have donated a piece each, which will be shown in an exhibition on the 15 December. The money from the sale of each pace will go directly to the Reach Foundation PLUS Square Circle Triangle are offering to donate $1 per Like they get on Facebook – – awwwwesome!

The 12 artists generously donating their work are:




Pierre Lloga
pierre lloga

Joanne Young
joanne young

Beccy Brown
beccy brown


Rebecca Murphy
rebecca murphy

Ben Capp
ben capp

Jack Douglas
jack douglas

Aida Sabic
aida sabic

Lena Abbas
lena abbas

TwoOne open studio

The simply amazing artist TwoOne is opening his studio to the public this weekend, where you can pick up some simply stunningly beautiful art. This Saturday 19 November – that’s right only for 1 day!! 162 Hoddle St, Collingwood, Melbourne – be there.


Signed & Numbered Gallery

Those super nice folks over at the Signed & Numbered Gallery have a very special offer for all our lucky Nothing to Nobody readers out there. For a limited time only (until 31 December 2010) you can get yourself a lush 10% discount off any print purchased from their online store. Simply include the code SIGNED10 when you place your order. Too easy! Signed & Numbered’s amazing line-up of artists including the likes of Vexta, TWOONE, Miso, Kareena Zerefos , Caitlin Rigby, Jan Van Dijk, Bel Johnstone, Catherine Campbell, Kaitlin Beckett, Kristy Milliken, Michael Steele, Nate Gamble, Rebecca Wetzler and Rik Lee.

The Signed & Numbered Gallery is a groovy concept space that will challenge your perception of how art can be displayed. Limited edition prints are available online and in-store, crossing the whole art spectrum. From fine art to street art, Signed & Numbered artists are chosen for their unique style. Signed & Numbered has it’s own unique way of displaying prints, which makes it feel more like a record store than a gallery. The Melbourne gallery is located at Shop 4 , 155 Greville Street Prahran 3181 (enter via Izett street).

Gallery Hours:
Mon, Wed-Fri / 11am – 6pm, Sat & Sun / 12 noon – 5pm, Tuesdays / Closed.

Visit the online gallery at

signed and numbered gallery