This one time at Bandcamp

Move over iTunes, you are just so 2000, we have fallen in love with Bandcamp. This very cool music distribution website SELLS music, so pirates be ware. Bands can create their own pages in Bandcamp (check out the very cool YIS one below) and independent record labels can SELL their artists music. Sony, EMI and Universal I wanna see you quaking in your boots! Bandcamp only takes a tiny cut of each album sold, not like the other guys who each nab their bit of the pie leaving the artists with the crumbs at the bottom. So stop borrowing music and start buying – at these prices it’d be criminal not too and most of the money goes to the bands – win/win!






Caught Your Smile

There’s no doubt about it – The Bowers are a rockin’ quartet of hip shakin’ proportions. When we first caught these guys at Yah Yahs in Fitzroy a few months ago (after trying to get our act together to catch them several more months before that) we were immediately bobbing along, our heads nodding from side to side Beatles’ styles, instantly sucked in by their groovin’ tunes. From Phil’s guitar prowess to Liam’s tambourine shenanigans, these guys guarantee a hootin’ good time for the price of admission. Check out the new video for their single ‘Caught Your Smile’ below to see what we’re gushing about and look out for our interview with the band in Nothing to Nobody‘s first issue!

The Bowers launch their 7″ single ‘Caught your Smile’ at Yah Yahs on Smith St in Fitzroy (Melbourne) on Friday 6 August – catch ’em if you can!