Motor head

Anyone who references A Nightmare on Elm St in their biography has got to be pretty OK as far as I’m concerned and as Robert Bowen is the self-confessed bastard son of 1000 maniacs, you can see what I mean. His art is a mixture of realism and the fantastical where wasps with elephant heads shoot fire and time flies literally! Based in San Francisco, Robert says he watched way to much TV growing up, and now he finds himself to be a connoisseur of ‘bad habits and collector of all things wrong’. He sounds like my type-a-guy!

Robert Bowen






There be creatures outside

These wonderful wild things are created by the talented Scott Musgrove, whose website abounds with curious beings. From owls living in bell jars atop a creatures cranium to serpents residing inside opaque sea-faring beasts (and cute beasts at that!), Scott’s work is an amazing balance of light, shadow and colour with a touch a the sea there be in thar too!






Smarter than your average Bear

Luke Chueh (pronounced CHU in case your wondering) is a Nothing to Nobody favourite. His wonderful paintings of tragic bears and happenstance bunnies, who always seem to be in some kind of self-injury-based trouble, are pretty darn stunning – or as his website bio states: “Chueh stylistically balances cute with brute, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy”. Neat.







Hidden Machinations

The best way to describe the natural talent of artist Heiko Müller is a constant stream of conscience thought exploring a wilderness, as well as the ‘dark goings-on behind the façade of nature’ as he says in his website bio. A gentle mix of the macabre and the spiritual, nature versus metamorphosis, sanity versus serenity can be found in his works, which belie a hidden anxiousness concealed within a peaceful spring day.

heiko muller deer hunter

heiko muller indigenous hunter

heiko muller deer

heiko muller bear head

heiko muller head land

heiko muller immolation