Nothing to Nobody Issue 2 is here!

That’s right folks – After muchos hard work, and many late nights Issue 2 of Nothing to Nobody has landed like some kind of amazing thing. We’ve put a whole lot more into the design and it’s looking pretty spankin’. Features include interviews with Jason Limon, Comedian/Crooner Oliver Clark, Rick ‘Dienzo’ Blanco, NAWLZ, David MacDowell, Casey Payne, DJ MAFIA and heaps more!

You can check out the full issue here: Nothing to Nobody Issue 2
Plus it’s still only $2!

Nothing to Nobody issue 2 cover

Nothing to Nobody Issue 2 sneaky peek

Hi there gang! Well we here at ‘Nobody just can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since the launch of Issue One, and now after a lot of hard work Issue Two is almost here! We thought you might like a sneaky peek at the goodness you can expect to find inside, and take a look at our super sexy cover art courtesy of our feature interview with Jason Limon. Issue Two launches 6 December, and is still only a tiny $2 or you can subscribe to 6 issues for a mere $10.

Inside Issue two you’ll find amazing interviews with Jason Limon, DJ M.A.F.I.A, Nawlz creator Stu Campbell, Pac23, Casey Payne, David MacDowell, Rick ‘Dienzo’ Blanco, crooner Oliver Clark, trapeze artist Tank – and so much more!

Check out for details on how to get you hands on Issue Two…

NtN issue 2 cover

Jason Limon article

Jason Limon article

DJ MAFIA article

DJ Mafia article

Tank girl article


We’ve been a big fan of Stu Campbell’s online interactive comic Nawlz for a couple of years now, but of late he’s really kicked it up a notch and is pumping out a new issue every week or so! This is made even more incredible when you look at how much work must be involved in bringing each page to life. Nawlz follows the bio-sci-fi adventures of Harley through Stu’s amazing illustrations, but be warned these comics are not for the faint of heart or those lacking in a sense of humour… you have been warned!