Creepy Cameos

I’ve always had a soft spot for cameos, be they a quick guest appearance in a movie or TV show by someone awesome (like Christopher Walken – damn if that man don’t just get better looking with age!) or the other type of cameo, the old school jewellery type normally associated with Victorian ladies from the 1500s or whenever. So you can imagine the kind of excited flip out I had when I discovered the Cathy’s Jewels shop on Etsy. Forget your boring old lady faced cameos and say hello to pirates and skull ‘n’ crossbones, plus a bunch of other cool designs in colours of all sorts (red, black, lime green – you name it!). And they are really cheap! Cathy also sells the settings for the cameos, so if you dig making your own jewellery this store is your bee hive.

skull cameo

guns n roses cameo

skull lady cameo


pirate cameo

flower cameo

And just because we couldn’t resist…. Christopher Walken

christopher walken

Be still my crocheted heart!

What is there not to love about hand crafted squirrels, bunnies and owls? And as if you weren’t overdosing on cute enough just yet, check out these cats in crocheted hats! This bunch of crocheted cool comes to you from the xmoonbloom store on Etsy – our favourite home of hand created goodness. That’s not all you can pick up at xmoonbloom though, and if you’re feeling adventurous and want to create your own crocheted creatures you can even buy patterns at the store which give you all the clues. So if you are a big kid at heart or your cat needs a new do, then drop by xmoonbloom. Meow!


We here at NtN are a little partial to skateboarding – especially skateboard graphics from the 80s (Jason Lee Dodo skull deck anybody?) and so when we happened to be flicking past the Etsy website and spotted their seller of the week we were instantly intrigued. Let us introduce you to the enterprising, fellow skateboard lover, Sevenply – the only difference being she doesn’t ride the decks but instead recycles old broken and cracked decks to make awesome jewellery. Our personal favourite is the Moustache necklace.

See more of her work for yourself at:

Photo courtesy of Sevenply

Photo courtesy of Sevenply

Photo courtesy of Sevenply

Photo courtesy of Sevenply

Photo courtesy of Sevenply