The icing is deadly

It’s New Years Eve and the town is abuzz with party plans, and last minute shopping for cakes and nibbles. But why buy when you can bake some of the coolest cakes around? Lily Vanilli has long been known as the master of cupcakes, and her dainty treats are now available in Harrods (UK), but this lass has revealed her more devilish side by releasing a book catering to creating cupcakes of the creepy variety. Aptly entitled A Zombie Ate my Cupcake inside you’ll find delicious recipes for dastardly divine cakes. We’ve placed a few samples below to get you drooling, but really you should be locking yourself in the kitchen and makin’ with the bakin’! But seriously folks, as the New Year rolls in, from all of us here at Nothing to Nobody have a wonderful New Years Eve, stay safe and happy, and we’ll see you tomorrow in 2011!

Lily Vanilli bleeding heart

Lily Vanilli deadly iced cupcakes

Lily Vanilli finger pie cupcake

Lily Vanilli Eyeballs cupcakes

Lily Vanilli black rose cupcakes

Lily Vanilli Vampire bite

A zombie ate my cupcake

Cupcakes for Prostate

We love a good bake sale – and to be quite frank there aren’t enough of them these days – but this one we trooped along to at 1000 £ Bend Gallery today was super special because all the money collected is being donated to help those suffering from Prostate Cancer – it’s pure genius I tells ya! If only more people got together over the warmth of their kitchen oven and baked delicious cake treats to raise money for a worthy cause – it’s the way to change the world one cupcake at a time.