Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – the film

Hold on to your top hats, get your beard in check this is going to be the movie release of the year!!! We just loved the book, and now Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is coming to the silver screen courtesy of Tim Burton and the author Seth Graham-Smith. We are simply frothing at the mouth with excitement. Just imagine an axe wielding, super spunky young Lincoln killing Vamps like it was no tomorrow – yes we are getting back to the traditional Vampires, not these soppy Twighlight sooky pantses! See you in the 5th row from the back!

Follow this link to see the trailer now!
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer

abraham lincoln vampire hunter

The Manics are coming!

Hold the phone Batman the Manic Street Preachers are comin’ to Australia! I honestly never thought I would see that day when Nicky Wire would get airborne again and make his way down here with Mr James Dean Bradfield Esquire and Mr Sean Moore. The Manics (as they are affectionately known) changed my life back when I was still a teen and looking for some smart, sexy, political minded, good old fashioned punk-slash-rock’n’roll – with a slight metal leaning of course. In fact so excited was I by the thought of seeing the Manics on stage again here in Melbourne (20 November at Festival hall – and just in time for my birthday!) that I busted out my Manics vinyl collection. Sigh – it will be a long few months wait.

That ain’t bad

If anyone out there remembers the band Rat Cat go grab yourself a beer. Simon Day – the band’s singer/ guitarist – was pretty much solely responsible for making the stripey T-shirt a classic 90s clothing icon, and judging by his cameo appearance in this new Bonds ad he’s not looking to bad these days either! In truth though, we were simply stoked to see Rat Cat still getting some more airplay/ props in 2010. And that ain’t bad…. now bring on the reunion tour!

Caught Your Smile

There’s no doubt about it – The Bowers are a rockin’ quartet of hip shakin’ proportions. When we first caught these guys at Yah Yahs in Fitzroy a few months ago (after trying to get our act together to catch them several more months before that) we were immediately bobbing along, our heads nodding from side to side Beatles’ styles, instantly sucked in by their groovin’ tunes. From Phil’s guitar prowess to Liam’s tambourine shenanigans, these guys guarantee a hootin’ good time for the price of admission. Check out the new video for their single ‘Caught Your Smile’ below to see what we’re gushing about and look out for our interview with the band in Nothing to Nobody‘s first issue!

The Bowers launch their 7″ single ‘Caught your Smile’ at Yah Yahs on Smith St in Fitzroy (Melbourne) on Friday 6 August – catch ’em if you can!


Pirate music is good for you!

Everyday – amongst the stress, deadlines and general mish-mash that life throws at us – a little beam of goodness shines through. Today that goodness came through in the form of this wooden pirate music box. As if it wasn’t awesome enough that this thing is created from hand painted wood, but when you turn the key on the bottom of the box, and set the music going, the little pirates then move around and do a little spinning jig of their own! A big fat shout out must go to Mr Matthew Serpell for bringing this in and brightening up the NtN office today. Arrrgh!

Die Hard now with added Cars

Being addicted to the Mighty Boosh can lead to it’s share of eccentricities – especially in the Earth’s orbit, but that’s another story for another science. Anyway, it’s easy to see why, in that case, we would love a bit of Gary Numan. We also grew up with Gay in the 80’s and his ‘Cars’ song is super catchy. He’s also still looking good. So why the sudden interest in Gary you ask? Well – we discovered this very cool (lightly cornball) ad for Die Hard batteries, featuring Gary and of course a bunch of cars. It’s our pick of the week for sheer coolacity.